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carvin, verificare vin online masini
carvin, verificare vin online masini

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What is a VIN decoder?

The VIN decoder is a software that decodes the auto data, encoded in factory. Nowadays, this decoding can offer complex information about your car.

Using the VIN number, you can find out specific information starting with the date of fabrication, up to the salvage or disposal title release, because these data are stored in different registers and data bases. They are found and sent through a car history generated by a qualitative VIN decoder.

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What are the advantages of a VIN check?

Honestly speaking, the VIN check can tell you everything that was ever documented about the car.

The vehicle’s information: brand, model, the country and date of fabrication, engine power, body, fuel or transmission type etc.

The vehicle’s history: real mileage, if it was involved in accidents, if it was stolen, technical information about the technical checks or previous owners, the countries in which the vehicle was registered in etc.

Pictures of the car over the years.

Model information: the factory installed equipment, usual malfunctions of that particular model etc.

Some VIN decoders can even present unique features, like the assessment of the market prices of the vehicle.

How will the VIN decoder help me when buying a car?

The sellers of used cars tend to hide important facts from the buyer. For example, it’s estimated that 30-50% of the second-hand cars are sold after mileage tempering of the odometer. In Europe, 1 in 6 used cars listed for selling has been involved in an accident.

Some defects or errors may not be noticeable in a test drive or a visual assessment of the car. Moreover, you might overlook important details, that you probably wouldn’t find without investing long hours in research. There are some things you’ll never find out, unless you are an auto industry expert.

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Is the VIN check free of charge or paid?

From the consumer’s point of view, there are two types of auto history reports: the free ones (that mostly offer the basic data) and the paid ones (that include the full auto history and unique functions). The free reports often present the information you can see in the advertisement.

On the other hand, the paid vehicle history reports can provide all the available data, that might be a decisive factor when it comes to buying the vehicle.

Is the VIN decoder useful to my business?

There are two answers to be taken into consideration and both of them are YES.

If you are a car dealer, you have to know detailed information about the cars you buy. VIN has constant attractive offers for the B2B clients.

On the other hand, if you are a private person and plan on selling your car, a detailed history of the vehicle would help you acquire the potential buyer’s trust.

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